Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sorry for the delay, some more internet troubles have kept me off your screens, but of course still in your hearts.

These are long overdue photos from the first day at the beach and the dancer performance at the visitors center the first Sunday I was in Auroville.

Took my first trip to Pondicherry on Saturday, it is a city which still bears French colonial influence in street names, construction style and food choices. There are some colonial mansions scattered throughout the city and quite a few bakeries. Most of the street names begin with rue and many of the businesses are French speaking. It was a breif trip for the morning and early afternoon with a few fellow Sadhana Forest volunteers, Jonathan, Christine, Zoe and myself. There was delicious food and (a rare treat as we do not have it in SF) coffee! Shopping for fabric, Christine picked up a dress that she had drawn herself and had a dress shop make for her over the prior week and a good amount of time on the ocean boardwalk. The day was sunny and beautiful, the bus ride down was without major incident except for a few un advisable passes on narrow, busy Indian roads and the flower lined streets were relaxing and different from what I have seen in my limited travels here.

On another note, Jonathan and I took a scooter with some bicycle wheels to the local bike shop/stall. Take a small 2-stroke scooter, add 2 persons, 2 10lb wheels and a rutted out sandy road, get moto!

More photos soon, thanks for reading.

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