Friday, January 23, 2009

Around the Camp Vol. 2 Sleeping and Cleaning

So in continuation of this series, I present the sleeping and showering arrangements. There are a few Dorm huts scattered all over the main area of the camp. There are a few different types, some are simply individual mosquito nets set up all over the room with space underneath to set up your camp. My space is rooms separated by cloth and set up with two woven cots to a room. My roommate John hails from north of the border in Vancouver BC and spends his summers working on an organic farm and his winters travelling the globe. Tomorrow he heads off to Thailand for a month or so before returning to work in the beginning of march. From the way he talks about Thailand, I can't wait to go there with Laurel and see the sights.

The camp provides a bed mat, blankets and a pillow for those who don't have their own. The nights are still fairly warm, around 60deg F, but in the morning when the dew from the plants thickens the air and covers the ground it is nice to have a sleeping bag. The floors are the ground, although in my case a small area of the floor is taken up by one of the dogs that Sadhana has rescued and taken in.

As for showering , it is easy to conserve water when you have to pump and drag it to the shower yourself :). There is a water pump in the kitchen and some large buckets in the shower area that help to accomplish the task. Each of the two showers has a cup for water application, a shelf for your biodegradeable soap and shampoo along with a mirror (pirate mirror in this photos case). Something about taking a shower outside in the sunshine feels more refreshing, so good.

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