Thursday, January 29, 2009

new water filter!

Here are some shots of the new water filter here at Sadhana Forest. It is called a de-iamized filter (not to be confused with, or perhaps the same thing as de-ionized, I will research and let you know). It involvesw multiple filters including a reverse osmosis filter for the purest water you can get. This is the 3rd one in Aurovillle and they all get alot of use. It is great that Aviram and Yorit, the hosts here at Sadhana are so committed to keeping all of the volunteers and visitore healthy and makeing sure that there is an abundance of clean healthy water.

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  1. I could buy a similer type was just around the corner from me,they have the CAV type with a 296 Delphi fuel filter element.He advised me to check the way the ports are marked,for some reason they are back to front he advised,he was right too. water filter