Thursday, January 15, 2009


couple of photos to whet the appetite. It is about 6:15 here, the sun is just starting to create small bands of light over the tops of the trees surrounding the camp. Birds and insects add to the music eminating from the temple nearby. People in Sadhana are beginning to awaken and start their day. We will be on a different schedule than normal due to the construction of the earth bag dome. More of a typical 9-4 or five instead of two sessions of 2 hours broken up by breakfast and ended with lunch.

Yesterday and today I am taking an Ashtanga yoga class, think of it as doing a whole lot of pushups and abdominal exercises, but in a calm zen like fashion. It has been a great way to begin the morning.

The camp has gotten quite full since I have arrived, between 50-70 people have been visiting and many staying on a daily basis. Tonight or tomorrow will be my first visit into Auroville for supplies and walking around. I hope that all of you are doing well and making the best of what your winter has to offer. Thanks for reading.

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