Saturday, January 17, 2009

first day in Auroville

Took a taxi into Auroville this morning with some other folks from Sadhana forest. stopped at the visitors center for some breakfast and to get a map and some information. Breakfast will make my friends Adam and Samantha jealous as we often dined together at a Minneapolis Indian buffet until we were unable to walk with dignity anymore. Idily (a rice flour type of light bread, fluffy yet dense), and a Dosa (lentil and rice flour crepe) both with Shambar (a lentil soup with carrot, onion and tomato) and coconut sauce, a cup of tea and a coconut cookie for 43Rp, about 1 dollar. So good. While on the food topic, the photo above is the remnants of a Maxi salad I had for lunch with some travelers I met at the Solar Kitchen, think a huge pile of delicous vegetables with tahini and coconut sauces, my mouth is watering again.

The other photo is of the paths which follow by the roads around Auroville, they are a safe haven from passing motorists (who are very respectful anyway) and are lined with beautiful trees, cacti and flowers. A very relaxing town to spend the day in. I also went to the post office a few times, Nomi who is leaving to go to Vietnam tomorrow asked me if I could take some things of hers to the post office to mail them back to the US since when she stopped by there were no boxes available. I stopped by later in the day, but still no boxes, while walking by the center of town I saw one of the postman who stopped me and said there was a box ready and I should meet him back at tohe post office to ship the shoes and books, a friendlier person does not exist elsewhere.

Spent the rest of my time walking the paths and enjoying the beautiful landscape. Tonight I am off to cinema paradiso, in the town hall. There is a french film maker who wishes to meet the volunteers and operators of Sadhana forest for a film she is working on.

One thing have decided to do is take a hike around Arunachala during the full moon. In hindi mythology, Aranachala is the manifestation of Lord Siva and walking around the mountain is supposed to be a path to enlightenment. The area has also recently been reforested within the past 15 years with the help of the permaculture workshop leader John Button. I cant wait to see this mountain in full forested glory and the beautiful temple in Thiruvannamalai.

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  1. Blake,
    Hope that things are continuing to go well. Love the photos! Looks like my worries of you not getting enough to eat were unfounded. Can't wait to see the finished house. I looks like it will be more attractive than I envisioned.

    Love you